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9 maart 2022



No words really
Dazed and upset
Unbelievably angry and sad

5 maart 2022



Today is 4 Smiling Faces’ birthday: 13 years old. Proud of everything we could and were allowed to do. Grateful for all donations, help, and support from everything and everyone. Never thought we’d get this far. With your help, we can go much further in the future.

16 februari 2022

At last


At last, the time has come. I’m going to Nepal, and this time I am not going alone; one of our board members will come along to see with his own eyes, for and with whom 4 Smiling Faces has been working since 2008.

So after more than 3 years, it will happen: Nepal, we are coming. We are very excited about it. Originally, the plan was to go at the end of 2019, but due to circumstances that became spring of 2020. Then corona came, and the world turned upside down. Like everyone else, we fell back on WhatsApp and FaceTime to keep in touch with our children and friends in Nepal. That went well, but nothing beats being able to look each other in the eye.

That will happen this spring. We will visit the children and talk to them. How have they fared in the past two corona years? How is their health? Are their parents (if they have any) back at work? Have they fallen far behind in school? Can they find their feet again now that the measures in Nepal are reversed? What are their concerns, and what can we do to address them?

Time will tell. We are so looking forward to meeting everyone again.

4 februari 2022

Thank you


As a charity, 4 Smiling Faces regularly receives large and small donations. As a result of an application, a promotion, a birthday or just sometime completely out of the blue. The latter often comes from anonymous and/or unknown donors, who we can’t contact because we don’t have their details. Always nice to receive, but hard to thank.

Therefore, here is a public thank you to all anonymous and unknown donors. We are very happy and grateful for your generosity. With your donations we can offer even more children and young people in Nepal a promising future. For that they and we are very grateful to you. 🙏🏽

24 januari 2022

Dear Tashi


As one of the recipients of our scholarships, you are currently very busy with the last part of your bachelor’s degree in hotel management. That brought you to a 5-star hotel in Dubai, where you’re currently doing an internship since October. If I understand you correctly, it is very hard work, you learn a lot, you really enjoy it and you make a lot of new friends. That sounds good and you deserve it!
4 Smiling Faces is very proud of you! You have always worked hard, tried your best and you more than live up to our trust in you. Your dream of further supporting your father with his work in the DRC after graduation and eventually starting your own hotel is getting closer and closer. I am convinced that your dream will come true one day and I would like to be one of your first guests.
Just keep going, and you’ll be fine. You are a textbook example of why our way of helping really helps: we offered you the opportunity and you grabbed it with both hands and are really making something of your life.
You go guy 💪🏼
We are very proud of you.

18 januari 2022



So far 4 Smiling Faces has helped 9 young people with a scholarship to a promising future: their education has been completed or is in the final phase. They are working and earning their own income. They shape their own lives. That’s why we do what we do. In order to offer even more children those kinds of opportunities, we need your support. Will you help us to help them?