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20 november 2022

Children’s rights


Today has been declared the International Day of the Rights of the Child by the United Nations. There is still so much to gain. Also in Nepal. For example by supporting our World Cup fundraiser that helps young Nepalese with a scholarship. Because a good education and promising future prospects are the only way to stop/prevent exploitation, such as was the case in Qatar and of which many Nepalese have become victims.

19 november 2022

Score for Nepal: take part & help

Dutch goals so far13
Subtotal€ 1.417,00
One-time donations€ 534,50
Total€ 1.951,50
Updated 12-09-2022

The controversial FIFA World Cup in Qatar is in full swing. We know that the construction of the stadiums for this football celebration has been anything but festive for thousands of cheap migrant workers, including many Nepalese. 

Many have died or are permanently disabled and have returned home completely destitute. Without any compensation. This should never have happened, but we can now do something to give Nepalese young people a future in which they are independent and make their own choices, without having to surrender to exploitation.

The 4 Smiling Faces Foundation has been helping children in Nepal for years. Among other things, we finance scholarships to provide young Nepalese with full scholarships and thus offer them a promising future.

We can now give the World Cup a positive charge for Nepalese young people by supporting them extra with a contribution to their studies. Therefore, in the coming weeks, donate a fixed amount for every goal scored by your favourite team. Let’s score together for Nepal!

How does it work?

Choose any amount per goal of your favourite World Cup team: all amounts are welcome! 

After the final of the World Cup you pay up. If you want, we can send you a payment request.

Of course, one-time donations are also welcome: click ➡️ on the pink DONATE NOW! button. Please mention your donation (if you wish) also your email address.

Giften per NL-goal

3 x€ 1,00
3 x€ 2,00
4 x€ 2,50
1 x€ 5,00
4 x€ 10,00
1 x€ 20,00
1 x€ 25,00
Per goal€ 109,00


And: mail, app, message, share our posts on your socials etc. as much as possible and ask if they also participate! Thank you very much indeed!

13 november 2022



Make your own choices. Design your own life. A good further education is their only chance for an independent and promissingt life for children in Nepal. It breaks the circle of poverty. Do you adjudge them that too? Then help us to help them.

6 november 2022



Are you lucky enough not to need the 2 x 190 euro Dutch energy compensation? Hereby the invitation to donate the compensation to 4 Smiling Faces. We – and especially the children we support – can use all the help on the way to an independent / self-reliant life. Will you help us help them? 🙏🏽

30 oktober 2022

Story telling


Are you interested in the story behind 4 Smiling Faces? Why we do what we do? Invite us and we’ll be happy to share our story, which we can do in Englisch as well. Of course we will also discuss why and how we offer help to children in Nepal and why it makes sense, because we focus everything on an independent, promising future.

1 april 2022

Wilco and Cas


Today our ambassador Wilco van Rooijen and his best climbing mate Cas van de Gevel start their very special expedition: after 3 weeks of acclimatization on the Mera Peak (6466m, Nepal) they go as ‘clean’ as possible to the world’s third highest mountain, the Kanchenjunga (8586 meters, Sikkim, Nepal).

We are very honoured that Wilco and Cas want to support 4 Smiling Faces with their expedition. We want to use the proceeds to make scholarships possible for at least three young people without any safety net, so that they can have a bright future.
Will you help us, just like Wilco and Cas? 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 

#4smilingfaces #kanchenjunga2022

27 maart 2022

New website


We are more than proud of our new website, which was made for us for free by Remco de Waal of Remwerk. 🙏🏽 Remco, what a great gift you have given us! We are very happy with it.

Come and have a look at… it is bilingual…