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Lotus Family Foundation

The Lotus Family is a home for a 11 children: (half) orphans, former street children, and foundlings with a special focus on ex-glue sniffers, an extra vulnerable group. The driving forces behind the family are Iman and Bini Lama, who also live in the home. The home is run like a big, happy family.

The Lotus Family Foundation Nepal is officially registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Nepal under number 335. The Lotus Family Foundation Nepal is:

  • nonprofit
  • non-gouvernement
  • with a special focus on the glue-sniffing children, who are the most vulnerable.

The 2015 earthquakes have not damaged the Lotus Family Foundation Nepal building. It is a sturdy building that a German once built. But that does not mean that the organization can do without help. The Lotus Family Foundation Nepal can only do its good works with the help of outsiders. As of 2015, 4 Smiling Faces is one of them.


With our support of the Lotus Family Foundation, 4 Smiling Faces contributes to realizing the United Nations (UN) SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

  • Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Website
  • Till 2019 the Lotus Family Foundation Nepal was known and active as the Hope Foundation Nepal.

Wish list of Lotus Family Foundation

1New kitchen

The kitchen of the Lotus Family is used intensively, has many defects, is outdated and no longer meets the requirements of the time. A complete renovation is necessary.

€ 5000

Further education after high school Including all additional mandatory costs: school fees, books, uniforms, lunch, travel expenses, room per student per academic year

€ 2500
3Set schooluniforms

One set of new school uniforms: formal and informal (housedress), shoes, backbag, and slippers per child.

€ 100
4Set of clothes & shoes

One of (winter)clothes, shoes, and slippers per child

€ 100

Annual supply of hygiene materials, panties, bras, medicine and other girl things, so that they never ever have to do without.

€ 750