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Our people

Our initiator in the Netherlands

Tjitske Weersma, the founder of 4 Smiling Faces, is our driving force in the Netherlands. She maintains all contacts with Nepal, sponsors, and the board. With a lot of energy, she works every day to improve the chances of the children in Nepal.


The 4 Smiling Faces Foundation is proud of its board, which consists of people who made their mark in the world of charity, education, and socially responsible enterprise. With their practical support, brainpower, network, and commitment they raise name awareness, publicity, and effectiveness of the foundation. 

The board consists of:

The audit committee consists of:

‘Our’ people in Nepal

Without eyes and ears in Nepal, a foundation like ours can’t do anything. We cannot be in Nepal all the time so it is of the utmost importance that we can rely on trustworthy people (volunteers) who want to do the all-important work on the ground. The 4 Smiling Faces Foundation considers itself very lucky to have been able to work with our volunteers for many years. They are worth their weight in gold and enable the foundation to do the work it is doing. Without them, this would be impossible. They are: