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(asp) Second Home Child Outreach Program

The Second Home Child Outreach Program (SHCOP) is an afterschool program (asp) that takes care of 26 underprivileged children in their own neighbourhood. Children who live in adversity due to extreme poverty, single-parent families (who don’t get any extra support in Nepal), or who have to deal with all kinds of health problems and problems such as addiction, abuse, neglect, or a combination of these setbacks. These children were almost all directly affected by the earthquakes of 2015.

Asha and Devendra Aryal are an integral part of 4 Smiling Faces from the start in 2008. Without their help, the foundation could never have done and realized what it did so far and will keep doing in the future. They are our eyes and ears in Nepal and not only that. They do all the groundwork. Asha and Devendra are special people with a heart of gold.

It’s been a longstanding wish of both of them to do something for disadvantaged children in their community. There are many kids that have all kinds of problems you wouldn’t wish on everybody, let alone on kids. They have to deal with things like absent parents that have to leave them all day to go to work, or they have abandoned altogether, some most deal with extreme poverty, all kinds of health issues and things like addictions or a combination of one or more of the above. Whichever way you look at it, they deserve so much better. The necessity has only grown since the earthquakes of 2015. Ever since then, many more children from the severely stricken surrounding area came to the city.

The start of this after-school program is a direct result of the earthquakes and now more than 1,000 aftershocks. Because of this and the months-long border blockade by India (August 2015 t/m in early 2016), more and more families are living below the poverty line. Others are (half) orphaned, displaced, left to their on devices. Hence the need for daily support for underprivileged children in Jorpati has increased enormously. The Outreach program provides just that.

The Second Home Child Outreach Program runs from Asha and Devendra’s homestay Asha Home Nepal. But not only that, Asha works with the children directly and her foster daughters are happy to volunteer. It’s a real family affair.

This Second Home Child Outreach Program offers:

  • nutritional supplementation
  • educational support
  • health teaching (dental hygiene, hand hygiene, nutrition education)
  • emergency medical assistance
  • a safe space for children to receive emotional support during times of difficulty
  • a partnership with families to ensure their children’s needs are met and improve family dynamics

The program is aimed at:

  • Boys and girls from impoverished families (some who suffered during the 2015 earthquakes)
  • Ages 3-11
  • Have been identified as at-risk for not having basic needs met in the community

Currently, the program caters to 25+ at risk children and the hope is to expand if and when the funds become available.

Currently, the program runs from 3:30-5:30 pm 6 days per week. Food and hygiene supplies will be provided to each child. It costs 260 euro per month to provide for 15 at-risk children. Please donate whatever you can!

4 Smiling Faces is extremely happy to get involved and provide anything needed to help these well-deserving kids. A little bit of our help, will go a really long way in Nepal.


With our support of the SHCOP, 4 Smiling Faces contributes to the realization of the United Nations (UN) SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

Wish list of (asp) Second Home Child Outreach Program

1Fresh fruit

1 piece of fruit per child (for 80-85 children)

€ 15,00
2Snack, just because we can

1 per child (for 125 children)

€ 15,00

1 glass per child (for 125 children)

€ 20

Monthly supply

€ 25
5Arts & crafts stuff

Monthly supply

€ 50
6Cleaning materials

Monthly supply

€ 50

Per month

€ 50
8Playing materials

Per month
Bals, hoops, skipping ropes etc

€ 50
9Remedial teaching

Daily remedial teaching (by 2 teachers) in Englisch and math

€ 50

New formal and informal schooluniform and shoes

€ 50
11Set of new clothes and shoes

Per child

€ 50
12Vacuum cleaner


€ 70

Anual supply of hygiene materials, panties, bra’s, asperines and other girl things, so that they never ever have to do without.

€ 700

Annual Schooltuition fees, stationary and books.
Total for all 25 children together

€ 750
15Wool blankets

The building that houses the SHCOP has no heating system (common in Nepal) and it gets really cold during autumn, winter and early spring. Wollen blankets are needed to keep the kids warm.

€ 750
16Books for reading

The wish is to start a small library.

€ 1000
17Panting walls

The walls of the SHCOP spaces could really do with a fresh coat of paint, that is easy to clean

€ 1000
183 computers

For 25 kids whoes parents could never afford that.
Very much a necessity in times of Corona and online education.

€ 1500