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14 maart 2024



Are you going to take on a major (physical) challenge such as running a marathon, climbing a mountain or a great walk? Then link it to a good cause, such as 4 Smiling Faces. We would love that, and you really help our kids with it. We are happy to think along with you about your collection campaign. Mail us, and we will contact you as soon as possible, and we will talk about it.
#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

8 maart 2024


International Women’s Day. Important in Nepal, because girls and women in Nepal are the key to lasting improvements in the country. As long as the position, education and status of girls and women are not fundamentally supported, strengthened and improved, Nepal will not make any progress. You cannot improve the situation in a country if half the population is not taken seriously. Neese girls and women are formidable: powerful, tough, strong, enterprising, loving, caring and, above all, inspiring.
4 Smiling Faces is proud that it has been helping young people – especially girls – in Nepal to realize their full potential for years. And we succeed again and again: thanks to our scholarships, many girls are now pursuing a course or have completed it. They make their own dreams come true. You go girls 💪🏼

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

5 maart 2024


It’s 4 Smiling Faces’ birthday today: 15 years young and full of plans. It started with a trip by our founder to Nepal: she went to see whether the children there were just as fun or perhaps more fun than in the Netherlands. The idea was a one-time trip. That turned out differently. She fell in love with the land and especially the children who live there. At the time, she could never have imagined that anno 2024 she would still be passionately committed to these children. 4 Smiling Faces now supports 150 children in 3 children’s homes and an after-school program in Kathmandu. And it works, because the homes are in better shape, the children are doing well and it is wonderful to see how they grow up into proud, hardworking adults who contribute to a better Nepal. And with your help we will continue!

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

29 februari 2024

Leap day

Schrikkeldag. Een extra dag. Een mooie dag om iets extra’s te doen voor mensen die je hulp goed kunnen gebruiken, zoals onze kinderen en jonge mensen in Nepal. Help je mee om hen opweg te helpen naar een kansrijke toekomst en opgroeien tot de zelfstandige, productieve jonge mensen die Nepal heel hard nodig heeft? Dat zou geweldig zijn.

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

21 februari 2024


As a charity, 4 Smiling Faces regularly receives large and small donations from unknown donors who wish to remain anonymous. Therefore, here is a public thank you to all anonymous and unknown donors. We are very happy and grateful for your generosity. With your donations, we can offer even more children and young people in Nepal a promising future. They (and we) are extremely grateful to you for that. 🙏🏽

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

24 januari 2024


UN International Day of Education. Education is the key to a promising future and growing up to become the independent, productive young people that Nepal desperately needs. That is why we provide scholarships to young people who have to leave the homes where they grew up and are completely alone.

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

14 januari 2024


Sustainability is important to 4 Smiling Faces. We take good care of ourselves, our children and friends in Nepal and our surroundings. Here and now, there and later. We are CO2 neutral thanks to Plant N Boom and thus contribute to a better world.