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6 januari 2023



Birthday? An anniversary? Something else to celebrate and do you already have everything you could ever want? Then ask for donations for 4 Smiling Faces. That wil make us and especially the children we work for incredibly happy and thankfull.

31 december 2022



We wish for everyone that 2023 will be better and above all peaceful. Together let’s make it much more worthwhile. We could all use that.

24 december 2022



Happy, healthy and peacefull Christmas for everyone. May the light always be with all of you.

11 december 2022

World lights day


World Lights Day: the day to reflect on those who have left their lives. Because of corona and the war in Ukraine, we now know more than ever how vulnerable life is. Reflecting on those who have left is more important than ever. Help and support offering to those who really need it is a beautiful way to remember others. Our children in Nepal could really use your support.

10 december 2022

Thank you


The Oranjedroom is unfortunately over, but our work in Nepal continues.
You can keep supporting us….
Please use the pink donation button on the right side of the page…

8 december 2022

Holland – Argentinia

The moment is approaching. The moment when the men of Orange enter the arena against Argentina for the quarterfinals of the World Cup. So, men of Orange let the lion roar, the Dutch scream with pleasure, Argentina cry and score, score, score. With every goal of yours, we can help even more young people in Nepal with a scholarship and with that give them better future prospects. That is the only method to stop/prevent exploitation, of which many Nepalese in Qatar have fallen victim to. So please, make the cash register ring for Nepal!

Take part and register at:

#wk2022 #worldcup #fifaworldcup #football #soccer #netherlands #oranje #nothinglikeoranje #tv #footballgame #win

5 december 2022



Will you receive your Christmas bonus soon, and do you want to do something with it for your fellow man? Giving is so much more rewarding than receiving…Idea: give us a gift so that we can continue to support our children in Nepal and the homes where they live. You really help them further towards an independent future.