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Our goal

Improving the quality of life of underprivileged children in children’s homes in Nepal. We also support them when they leave these homes at 18 years of age without a safety net to fall back on.

The children have a difficult life due to poverty, illness, disability, neglect, and living with a headwind. By developing countries, we mean countries where there is no government support for these homes and little chance for fundraising locally.

The Foundation finances measures that make these homes cleaner, healthier, and/or (socially) safer places to grow up in and gives scholarships to home leavers who are all alone. 4 Smiling Faces does this in the belief that all children deserve to grow up in healthy and positive circumstances.

We make no distinction based on religion, belief, political opinion, race, colour, nationality, gender, (sexual) orientation, handicap, state of health, or marital status. Only in this way can children grow into independent and positive adults who in any way, shape, or form make a constructive contribution to society.

The projects are carefully chosen at all times and in close consultation with the homes in question. This is done on the basis of equality and with respect for everyone’s input. Where desirable and possible, we work together with other, like-minded people and organizations.

Our focus

For all the children we focus on, it is true that their lives would have been a lot more difficult, dramatic, unhealthy, and especially unsafe if they hadn’t ended up in a children’s home. In spite of all the constraints of life in a children’s home, at least the kids are taken care of as best as possible. That’s more than many other children in Nepal can say: many children live on the streets or are neglected at home.

When I ask children in a children’s home what they want the most, they all say the same: ‘To be with mom and dad!’ Regardless of whether they actually have parents and/or if they are in the picture. Usually, they call their fellow residents their brothers and sisters to indicate that they feel safe and secure in the children’s home. ‘We are not sad because we live in a children’s home; with so many brothers and sisters, it’s nice and cosy’. I consider it a privilege to work for these children’s homes!

Our dream

Our dream is that all children from our homes grow up with appropriate care and all the materials and facilities necessary for this.

Our dream is that all children from our homes can continue to learn and/or study after high school if they want to. This goes specifically for children who have to leave their homes because they are 18 years of age and/or have passed their final exams and have no safety net whatsoever which they can fall back for (financial) assistance with their further education.

Our dream is that all children from our homes will not be alone in times of (natural) disasters and crises and will quickly receive what they need.

4 Smiling Faces is convinced that only further education can break the circle of poverty. Because then the children can determine their own future, make their own choices and build an independent life. That is what we want for them.