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This is the archive of 4 Smiling Faces. Here you will find old web pages and overviews of our activities in subsequent years. (From 2021 onwards, our news items and posts can be found on our socials.)

History is the present, seen through the future

(Godfried Bomans, Dutch author)

28 mei 2022

Wilco and Cas climb 4 Smiling Faces


Our unsurpassed ambassador Wilco van Rooijen and his climbing buddy Cas van de Gevel have done something special again this year. Very special. Unique even. They climbt the world’s third-highest mountain, the Kanchenjunga ( 8586 meters, Sikkim, Nepal) as ‘cleanly’ as possible.  In 2018, Wilco and Cas made a first attempt to conquer this Himalayan giant. They didn’t make […]

31 december 2020

2020 In word & image

4 Smiling Faces 2020 in the picture.

31 januari 2020

2019/20 Crowdfunding

Nepalese children who are orphaned or disabled have no chance in life without help. We help them when they are all on their own with a scholarship and, if necessary, also with a safe place to live. This way they can build an independent future for themselves and make their own choices. By so doing, […]

31 december 2019

2019 In the picture

4 Smiling Faces 2019 in the picture.

31 december 2018

2018 In the picture

4 Smiling Faces 2018 in the picture.

30 november 2018

2018 Traveling

4 Smiling Faces traveling in Nepal 2018.

31 maart 2018

2018 Expedition

Wilco’s Kangchenjunga expedition of 2018 in the picture.

8 maart 2018

2018 Wilco climbs Kanchenjunga

Adventurer/mountaineer Wilco van Rooijen, ambassador of the 4 Smiling Faces Foundation since the beginning of 2018, has made an impressive attempt in April/May 2018 to climb the 8,586 meter high mountain Kangchenjunga in Nepal. While doing this he raised funds for 4 Smiling Faces.

31 december 2017

2017 In the picture

4 Smiling Faces 2017 in the picture.

28 februari 2017

2017 Traveling

4 Smiling Faces traveling in Nepal 2017.