The 4 Smiling Faces Foundation can only do its work with the help of many people … by giving both large and small donations, and through various other forms of aid and assistance.

Therefore we want to thank:

  • Diverse and differing funds and companies and organisations, that donate to charity.
  • Family, friends and (former) colleagues who keep on giving.
  • Asha en Devendra Aryal for their tireless assistance in Nepal: without them it is not possible to do what we do!
  • Peter Heres, André de Hamer and Steven Groeneveld for their brainpower and because they don’t only say they want to help. The actually do.
  • Fellow volunteers Lia Koehn (America), Daniel Mottau (Australia), Cheyne Thomas (America), Thierry Tang (France), Carina and Gunn Jakobsen (Norway), Elizabeth O’Shea (Ireland), Gemma Langdown (England), Kelly Christie (Canada), Andy Vicat Brown (England), Janelle Dalton (Canada) and Chinny Shaw (Australia) for helping the children and many great photo’s
  • Active Ants for getting our book to the children in Nepal
  • Gerdo Kuiper and Diederik Schonebaum for their continued support and board membership
  • Arno Groen for helping with bookkeeping
  • Bite The Lemon for designing our new house style
  • Klaas en Lieneke Reyenga and their family and friends for a big donation and the yearly collection in their church
  • Hogeschool Leiden for many big (Christmas) donations
  • Remco en Jacqueline and their family and friends for a big donation
  • Tessa en Gerdo for a big donation, and all their help and support
  • My former employer – specially a former director – who helped and supported me all the way.
  • Philips Light for the solar powered lamps so the children can study even when there is no power.
  • Erik van Sluys for everything that has to do with web hosting and internet.
  • These companies/organisations for big donations: Ooip Internet Technology, Stanislas College, Rabobank Share4More en VetEffect

Big thanks to everyone for all the help and support: without you, it wouldn’t be possible to do what we do!

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