18 years young, grown up in the safe environment of a children’s home and then suddenly they are all alone. That is what happens to many girls and boys in Nepal. They have to leave the children’s homes we support, because at 18 – like in Holland – they become adults and can no longer live in children’s homes. 4 Smiling Faces helps them if they have no safety net they can rely on for support: specifically to support them we set up our scholarship/safe living-program.

Because if we do not help them, nobody will.

Will you help us to help them?

That would be great! And it is a super fun project to do together with friends, your football- or hockey team or any group of people, because even though Nepal is one of the world’s poorest countries, getting a further education after high school is not cheap.

Interested? Send us a message so we can discuss the possibilities.

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