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The goal of the 4 Smiling Faces Foundation is to increase the quality of life of children who have fewer chances in life and live in children’s homes and/or projects aimed at these children in Nepal. The question is of course, does it work? In the short and in the long term. The answer is wholehearted yes, it does! The kids tell us regularly: ‘Our lives are better since you help us’.


Before our program, the recipients didn’t have good prospects. Thanks to our support they can build a free and independent future, make their own choices, and shape their own future. By the year 2021, five girls had finished nursing school and were working in various hospitals, one worked as a secretary, another as an accountant and nine young people were working hard on finishing their education.

DRC Nepal

NWCSS orphanage

SHCOP After school program

Lotus Family Foundation Nepal