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4 Smiling Faces works to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children in various children’s homes and/or projects in Nepal. The question is always whether our help works. What are the results and/or effects in the short and in the long term. The answer is a resounding: ‘Yes, for sure!’ The children regularly tell us: ‘Our lives are better since 4 Smiling Faces started helping us’.


Before the start of our program, the recipients of our scholarships did not have good prospects because they had no (financial) safety net to fall back on. With our scholarships they can pursue further education of their choice and live in a suitable, safe place. Thanks to our support, they have the prospect of a free and independent future in which they make their own choices and shape their own future. 

In 2024, five girls are fully qualified nurses and are other alumni working as secretaries, medical laboratory technicians and hotel managers. Eleven others are currently busy training to become accountants, nurses or programmers, among other things.

DRC Nepal

NWCSS orphanage

SHCOP After school program

Lotus Family Foundation Nepal