2017 SHCOP Santa
2017 NWCSS Susmita
2017 HOPE holy
2017 DRC Sangita
2017 SHCOP Passang
2017 NWCSS Sristy
2017 DRC Tjitske Indira
2017 SHCOP eten
2017 SHCOP Devika
2017 NWCSS Sapana
2017 DRC Rubisha
2015 HOPE Tjitske Ashmita
2017 SHCOP Monica Sachina
2017 NWCSS Sapana
2017 HOPE Abhi Dawa
2017 DRC Ladiki

There are countless ways to raise money for charity; from baking cookies and selling them to climb Mount Everest and getting sponsored for that; from collecting empty bottles to organising an auction. And everything in between. You don’t have to look very far on the Internet to get some great ideas.

We think its super fun if you want to fundraise in favour of 4 Smiling Faces. In fact, we are very honoured!

4 Smiling Faces is a small organisation and we don’t have promotional materials. But we like to brainstorm with you about your fundraising effort. Because together we get further. Send us a message so we can discuss the possibilities.

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