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Our projects and homes

4 Smiling Faces collaborates in Nepal with 3 children’s homes and one after-school program for around 125 children. (Due to the Corona pandemic, some children have been staying with friends or family outside the city for a long time; there is close contact to make sure they are well and don’t lack anything.)

The projects that we carry out in and with the homes and shelters are always carefully selected and carried out in close consultation with all concerned. This is done on the basis of equality and with respect for everyone’s input. We don’t want to make mini Netherlands of the homes. The whole point is that it works well in Nepal and fits their lifestyle and habits.

Except for the scholarship program, 4 Smiling Faces is not the sole nor the main sponsor of any of the homes and after-school-program we support. We like to keep it that way. As far as we are concerned, the homes and after-school-program are completely free to cooperate with other parties. All that matters to us, is that the best interests of the children always come first.

(asp) SHCOP
DRC Nepal
Emergency Assistance
Lotus Family Foundation
NWCSS Orphanage