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Corona emergency support


May 2020

What’s the problem?

Often, the poorest and most vulnerable people of all ages are victims of crisis in Nepal. Especially one as big as the Corona crisis. Many of the adults are day laborers, have lost their jobs, and earn nothing. Many of them live in very small spaces and have no reserves at all. Such as the children of the NWCSS Orphanage. They have no one to fall back on and are completely left to their own devices. Nepal has no support measures like ours.

With a lot of improvisation, the NWCSS volunteers still try to support the children. Where possible, they provide them with food and all kinds of other necessary goods, that they can still get. They have also started growing their own fruit and vegetables, but that does not immediately yield enough tomorrow. Furthermore, the resources of the volunteers are very limited, and they now urgently need help to continue to provide much-needed support to the children.

What is the solution?

The solution is that 4 Smiling Faces transfers money with which the volunteers can purchase food, necessary materials, seeds, and vegetable plants.

What is the result?

The result is that the volunteers can help the children of NWCSS Orphanage with food and other necessary materials.