NWCSS orphanage

Nepali Woman & Children Service Society

In the NWCSS orphanage there are 25 to 35 children, most of them orphans. Others come from very poor circumstances, are disowned, neglected or abused. The are (half) orphans, foundlings and former street children.

In 2002 a group of women started the Nepalese Women and Children Service Society (NWCSS). Their goal was (and is) to help and support of women and children in difficult situations.

Their biggest project was starting and running a children’s home in Jorpati in Kathmandu.

They started the NWCSS orphanage.

Since that the home moved to another location elsewhere in the neighbourhood: than no more than a shell of a building. Thanks to the efforts of all involved and outside help it is increasingly becoming the safe haven it should be.

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