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February till May 2018

What is the problem?

The kids for the SHCOP are all earthquake victims and live in very poor and difficult circumstances. For that reason, they go to the cheapest and not the best schools. Education is a challenge. In the next few months, they have to pass their exams, like all the other school-going kids in Nepal. If they don’t pass, chances are their parents will pull them out of school, because they are very poor, and even the cheapest schools are very expensive for them. The reason is that if their child doesn’t pass, he/she can better go out working and earn money. If that happens, the children (2 to 14 years of age) face a life of child labour (dirty, heavy, hard, long and dangerous work), forced marriages and prostitution.

What is the solution?

The program has two daily volunteers, Gita and Sabina, who study business management and English. They are ready, willing, and able to tutor the children on a daily basis, but they can only afford to do that if they get a small salary. That will be 2750 Nepali rupees per person per month, which come down to 20 to 22,50 euro per person per month. Besides that, they will keep volunteering 2,5 hours a day. They will help the children with English, Nepali, Maths and social studies.

What is the result?

The children will have more chances to get good scores on their exams. Better school results mean more chances of a better life. It is an investment in their future.