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From the beginning of March 2017

What’s the problem?

This is about two children (brother and sister, 4 and 6 years old), who visit the Second Home Child Outreach Program: they have to travel far to and from school. Their school bus stops a long way from their home and the after-school program. The rest of the way, they have to walk, both on the way to school and coming back home. This is not only exhausting but also dangerous, because they have to walk along a busy road not designed for pedestrians. The children are actually already tired when they arrive at school, and by the end of the day, they are exhausted. It was really heartbreaking to see; they could barely keep their eyes open after arriving at the program.

What is the solution?

From now on their father puts them on a micro (minibus) which brings them to the boarding point for their school bus. A reliable family member there will make sure the transition goes smoothly. The same happens at the end of the day, only the other way around, and one of the girls from the after-school program meets them at the bus stop. So now, they arrive at the program earlier (this way it saves a half hour or more per trip), they are less tired, can take part in more activities at the program and the journey are much safer.

What is the result?

Since this new arrangement is working, the little ones are gleaming with joy and full of energy when they arrive at the program. A huge difference from before. Costs? 20 rupees per day ….