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Corona emergency support (2)


July 2020

What is the problem?

The Corona lockdown in Nepal continues. The number of infections and deaths is increasing. Life is getting harder and harder. The children (and their families) of the after-school-program SHCOP are having more and more concerns. As day labourers, their parents have no work and no income to support their families. They are completely dependent on outside help.

With a lot of passion and dedication, the SHCOP volunteers try to support the children sitting at home. They provide them with food and all kinds of other necessary goods whenever possible. They even grow their own fruit and vegetables. The resources of the program and the volunteers have now been exhausted, and urgent help is needed to continue to provide much-needed support for the children.

What is the solution?

The solution is that 4 Smiling Faces transfers money with which the volunteers can purchase food, necessary materials, seeds and vegetable plants.

What is the result?

The result is that the volunteers can help the children of SHCOP and their families with food and other necessary materials.