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February 2018

What is the problem?

The kids for the SHCOP are all earthquake victims and live in very poor and difficult circumstances. For that reason, they go to the cheapest and not the best schools. Education is a challenge. In the next few months, they have to pass their exams, like all the other school-going kids in Nepal. If they don’t pass, chances are their parents will pull them out of school, because they are very poor, and even the cheapest schools are very expensive for them. Their reasoning is that if their child doesn’t pass, he/she can better go out working and earn money. If that happens, the children (2 till 14 years of age) face a life of child labour (dirty, heavy, hard, long and dangerous work), forced marriages and prostitution.

Also, the SHCOP is always looking for ways to entertain the children, especially during cold and/or wet days when going outside is not an option.

What is the solution?

The kids need individual tutoring as well as classical lessons to pass their exams. The beamer will be a very useful tool for those classical lessons.

Furthermore, it can be used to entertain the kids with a film on those cold and/or rainy days when going outside is not an option.

What is the result?

This will prepare the children better for the upcoming exams and ultimately/long-term broaden their chances for a better life.

Besides that, it will help to entertain the children when all the studying is being done.