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Testimonial Sabina & Sachina

Sabina (in a striped shirt) and Sachina are studying thanks to scholarships from 4 Smiling Faces. They introduce themselves…

The sisters tell more about their background and what their lives would be like without our help and that of Asha & Devendra, our trusted volunteers in Nepal. They live together in a room on the ground floor of their house, because their own house is too small for everyone. But luckily there is good daily contact with the family, who literally live around the corner.

Note 4 Smiling Faces: The Nepalese culture is clearly completely different from the Dutch. The basic attitude of the average (Hindu) Nepalese is one of accepting fate, ‘don’t give up’ and ‘make the best of it’. That makes it extra important to listen and read between the lines in personal stories to hear what is not being said.