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Rooftop veggarden


April/may 2022

What is the problem?

During the corona pandemic, fruits and vegetables in Nepal became increasingly scarce, more expensive and of lower quality. Border closures and other restrictions did not help. Asha and Devendra from the after-school care are not giving up. On the contrary: with everything that was available, they started a vegetable garden on the roof terrace.

The high-altitude vegetable garden was a great success: enough fresh, unsprayed vegetables were grown to provide for the 25 children (and their immediate families). That was badly needed because these families were (and still are) very poor and had/have no reserves; they were completely dependent on aid to survive the pandemic, which they did not receive from the government.

After two years of intensive use, the vegetable garden is due for an upgrade, so that much more yield is generated and thus more children (and their immediate families) can be helped. This saves the recipients a lot of costs and is healthy too.

In addition, the vegetable garden is used to teach the children and their parents to grow vegetables themselves. Even if you have limited space, you can grow some vegetables yourself. #every bit helps.

What is the solution?

Financing various materials needed to take the rooftop vegetable garden to the next level: planting bags; racks for twice the space for growing, potting soil, tools, seeds and plants.

What is the result?

More produce = more healthy vegetables for more children and their immediate families. That is cheaper and above all healthier for the recipients.

Practical education on how to grow your own vegetables = paying it forward.

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