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Testimonial Rashmi

Rashmi is one of our scholarship recipients who choose a special path for Nepalese standards; she is studying to be a civil engineer, and that is not normal for girls in her country….

Rashmi about her background and why she needs our scholarship so much.

About what would have become of her if she hadn’t received a scholarship from 4 Smiling Faces and help from Asha & Devendra…

Rashmi about her plans for the future and the importance of being independent.

Note 4 Smiling Faces: The Nepalese culture is clearly completely different from the Dutch. The basic attitude of the average (Hindu) Nepalese is one of accepting fate, ‘don’t give up’ and ‘make the best of it’. That makes it extra important to listen and read between the lines in personal stories to hear what is not being said.