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Moisture resistant plasterwork


June 2022

What is the problem?

The plasterwork in the children’s rooms of the DRC is outdated, worn, ugly, and inadequate. In addition to looking unsightly and giving the impression of lack of care, it is also unsafe: moisture enters through the walls. This is not only uncomfortable but also creates an ominous atmosphere with damp, musty air and mold. Always unhealthy, especially when it is a space for vulnerable children.

This is how it looked before the plasterwork was done.

What is the solution?

The solution is to apply moisture-resistant plaster on the inside and out.

State of affairs June 10th 2022
State of affairs June 18th 2022
After drying, everything will be painted.

What is the result?

The new plasterwork removes the moisture problem from the children’s rooms, the stale air, mold, and stuffy atmosphere. An overall improvement of the indoor climate in the children’s rooms and from that, everyone benefits.