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Testimonial Gita

(Recorded in April 2022)

Gita is one of the young ladies who received a scholarship from 4 Smiling Faces. She introduces herself and talks about her dream job and plans for the future.

Gita is a textbook example of a young lady who grew up in a headwind and does everything she can to make her life better.

What if Gita had not been helped by Asha & Devendra and had not received a scholarship from 4 Smiling Faces?

Update oktober 2023

Gita has passed her Teacher License exam and can now work as a High School teacher. She can combine that with the master’s program that she will start later this year. Her ultimate goal is and remains to work in government and thus contribute to a better Nepal for everyone, while securing a good future for herself.

Note 4 Smiling Faces: The Nepalese culture is clearly completely different from the Dutch. The basic attitude of the average (Hindu) Nepalese is one of accepting fate, ‘don’t give up’ and ‘make the best of it’. That makes it extra important to listen and read between the lines in personal stories to hear what is not being said.