Official name

Our full and official dutch registered name is ‘Stichting Helping Hands 4 Smiling Faces’. In daily traffic we are the ‘4 Smiling Faces Foundation’.


The 4 Smiling Faces Foundation is proud of its board, that consists of people who made their mark in the world of charity, education and socially responsible enterprise. With their practical support, brainpower and commitment they raise name awareness, publicity and effectiveness of the foundation. They have heart for the matter, the work of the foundation and all those involved with it. The help us to help them further along and that’s what it is all about: the children come first.

The board consists of:

Peter Heres, chairman

André de Hamer, treasurer

Steven Groeneveld, secretary

‘Our’ people in Nepal

Without eyes and ears in Nepal a foundation like ours can’t do anything. We cannot be in Nepal all the time so it is of great value to us that we can rely on trustworthy people (volunteers) who want to do the all-important work on the ground.  The 4 Smiling Faces Foundation considers itself very lucky to have been able to work with our volunteers for years and years. They are worth their weight in gold and enable the foundation to do the work it is doing. Without them, this would be impossible.

‘Our’ people in Nepal are:

Devendra Aryal
(Contact for the DRC)

Asha Aryal
(Contact NWCSS orphanage & driving force behind the SHCOP)

Iman en Binita Lama
(Driving forces behind the Lotus Family Foundation Nepal)


Official information about the foundation

Our story

Our story and how it all came to be

Our results

The results and consequences of our work

Thank you

They help us to help them.

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