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Become our friend

Become our friend

Firstly, we are happy with all the gifts and donations we receive! But we think it’s extra special if you want to support our work for a longer period. We see that as an act of long-term friendship and especially for the children in Nepal you belong to a special group of friends. That’s why: become a member of our friends club!

This is only possible if you pay taxes in the Netherlands!

How does that work then? Well, friends support our work through a tax-free periodic donation. You may deduct a periodic donation from the tax in its entirety. This is in contrast to a ‘regular’ gift, for which there is a threshold amount. To be eligible for this tax benefit, the periodic donation must meet these conditions:

You can mail the completed and signed form to or send it by post to Stichting Helping Hands 4 Smiling Faces, Brechtje Spiegelerf 4, 3813 NL Amersfoort. Afterwards, you will receive the signed version in the same way.

Tax return (in Holland)

In addition to the agreement completed and signed by both parties, you need the following information for your tax return:

Thank you

Once a year we organize a special evening for our friends. We then provide an update of our work, there is room for questions and further conversation. Date and program for 2023 are not yet known. As soon as the date for the Friends Evening 2023 is set, we will of course inform you immediately. See you then!