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Playground renovation


End of March 2017

What’s the problem?

One of the first things that 4SmilingFaces did in the DRC in 2008 was the paving of the playground, so everyone could get around more easely. Till then, there was a very uneven brick floor, which was very uncomfortable and unsafe for children with various walking difficulties. Nine years later the paving is full of cracks and potholes, mainly caused by the earthquakes of 2015.

Along the long side of the play area, there is a planter which actually only takes up space. Nothing really grows in there.

What is the solution?

The solution is the complete renovation of the paving and removal of the empty, space-eating planter.

What is the result?

The result is a smooth concrete floor without obstacles, that is usable and safe for all kids, no matter what their handicap is. Along the whole length, the playground will also be 50 centimeters wider because of te removal of the planter. And with 55 kids you can never have enough room to play.