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Several improvements

Meeting Tessa and Gerdo in Kathmandu in March 2008 became something special. We’ve talked a lot about the DRC Nepal and volunteering there. Shortly thereafter they had a big surprise: A fundraiser for one of their other charities was so successful that they even had enough money to support a project in Nepal. And they chose the DRC.

So Gerdo and Tessa visited the DRC to meet the children and see how they could help. They started the same day: they bought a large amount of soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and cleaning products. The next day, Tessa and Gerdo bought two special shower/toilet wheelchairs. A big improvement in the hygiene sense, and also safer for the more disabled children to take shower and/or use the toilet.

And that was not all: They also made the DRC:

  • safer by putting security on the outside windows
  • more accessible because the thresholds have ramps
  • more hygienic by constructing a large sink outside the toilet

The biggest improvement they have made possible is the equalization of the playground. This makes the playground more accessible to wheelchair users and children with walking difficulties.