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Emergency relief

The DRC Nepal has been considerably affected by the to date more than 250 earthquakes and aftershocks since 25 April 2015. Fortunately, children and staff are safe. However, the building has suffered enormous damage in different places. Part of that damage (the exercise/study room, that 4SmilingFaces could realize in 2014) has been repaired. The damage to the main building will be restored by others.

In addition, we have provided the required emergency relief. That means money for all sorts of things like food, water, sanitary materials, and other items. Our local volunteers use that money to buy everything that is needed. We will probably have to do this long-term because all normal suppliers with whom the DRC formerly did business are affected by the quakes as well. This also applies to many local benefactors.

Soon, 4 Smiling Faces is in Nepal to see on the spot what more can and will be done.