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Dear Tashi

As one of the recipients of our scholarships, you are currently very busy with the last part of your bachelor’s degree in hotel management. That brought you to a 5-star hotel in Dubai, where you’re currently doing an internship since October. If I understand you correctly, it is very hard work, you learn a lot, you really enjoy it and you make a lot of new friends. That sounds good and you deserve it!
4 Smiling Faces is very proud of you! You have always worked hard, tried your best and you more than live up to our trust in you. Your dream of further supporting your father with his work in the DRC after graduation and eventually starting your own hotel is getting closer and closer. I am convinced that your dream will come true one day and I would like to be one of your first guests.
Just keep going, and you’ll be fine. You are a textbook example of why our way of helping really helps: we offered you the opportunity and you grabbed it with both hands and are really making something of your life.
You go guy 💪🏼
We are very proud of you.