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Emergency Assistance -

Corona pandemic

Like the entire world, Nepal has been hit hard by the Corona crisis of 2020. The country has been in complete lockdown for months (March 24 to July 22). Many became unemployed and hunger and disease were given free rein. The borders were also closed many times during this period. hat has exacerbated widespread poverty and hunger.

Shopping was only possible until 10 am. at the nearest store. People were only allowed on the street for (medical) emergencies. There were heavy checks by police and the army and violators are punished severely. Food was scarce and it was getting scarcer and much more expensive.

Neighboring India regularly blocked the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables to Nepal. On balance, the quantity, variety and quality of the fresh products offered in Nepal declined rapidly, with all the negative consequences that entailed. The prices of basic necessities soared and became completely unaffordable for more and more people.