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Our alumni

Thanks to a scholarship from 4 Smiling Faces, the following young people have completed their education, are working, building their own independent lives and making their own choices. We are very proud of these beautiful people who make Nepal a better place!

Fudoma is a former resident of the DRC. She has been a PCL-certified nurse since 2018. She is currently working in the neonatal intensive care unit of Nepal’s largest teaching hospital, the Nepal Medical College in Kathmandu.
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Kabita is a former resident of the NWCSS orphanage. She has been a PCL-certified nurse since 2018. She worked as a surgical assistant for a few years at, among others, the OM Hospital and Research Center in Kathmandu. In 2023, she was given the opportunity to continue her studies in Japan from another source.

Maya is a former resident of the DRC. She completed the then-existing extended school program Plus 2 Management in 2019. Since then, she has worked as a secretary. She has now married the man of her own choice, and they run their own business together in Kathmandu.

Tshering is a former resident of the DRC. She has been a PCL-certified nurse since 2020. She is worked n the intensive care unit of the OM Hospital and Research Center in Kathmandu for a few years. Now she is in the United Kingdom to work in the National Health Service.
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(She received a study grant from another source; we paid costs not covered by that party.)

Lhamu is a former resident of the DRC. She has been a PCL-certified nurse since 2020. Since 2023, she has been living near her father and his family in Kuwait. She works there in a large hospital and is making plans to further her career in another country.

Ellie is a former resident of the DRC. She has been a PCL-certified nurse since 2020. She is currently working in the general surgical department of OM Hospital and Research Center in Kathmandu.
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Tashi is a former resident of the DRC. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management since 2023. He completed his final internship in a 5-star hotel in Dubai, where he is currently still working. He is making plans for the next step of his career in another country.

Passang was in the DRC’s outpatient program. She completed the PCL Medical Laboratory Technology course in the summer of 2023 and now works in a recognized laboratory in Kathmandu, building her own independent future.

In addition, there are three young people who we have temporarily supported with a scholarship. They have now received/found another personal sponsor. In most cases, these are former foreign volunteers who have spent some time in the orphanage in the past with and with the children, who finance the education of their favourite child.

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Our scholars

Thanks to the scholarship from 4 Smiling Faces, these young people are busy with their further education, doing an internships, gaining work experience and thus taking steps towards their own, independent life.

Gita is a highly valued volunteer at the after-school program SHCOP. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies since 2020, specializing in accounting. Due to Covid 19, she was unable to apply for a job for a long time and she continues to learn. She has now obtained her teaching qualification and will started her master’s degree in January 2024.
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We know Dispashmi through the outpatient program of the NWCSS orphanage and she and her family were severely effected by the earthquakes of 2015. She will do her entrance exam in august 2024 and – when she passes, will start the 3-year PCL-course Nursing in 2023.

Rashmi is a former resident of the DRC. She is a PCL-certified Civil Engineer since spring of 2023 and is now working in a company in Kathmandu to gain work experience. After one or two years she will continue her studies for the Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.
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Suddha is a former resident of the NWCSS Orphanage. In 2019, she completed the extended school program Plus2 science with a scholarship from us. She then started teaching, but that stopped due to corona. She started the 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications in 2021.

Mangala is a former resident of the NWCSS orphanage. She started the 4-year Bachelor degree in Political Science and Rural Development in 2022. She receives a scholarship from 4 Smiling Faces starting in 2023. Her ultimate goal is to become attorney and help people like her.
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Sachina is a former visitor and now a valued volunteer of the after-school program SHCOP. She started the 3-year PCL-course Nursing in 2023.
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Sabina is a former visitor and now a valued volunteer of the after-school program SHCOP. She started the 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications in 2023.
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We know Anusha through the outpatient program of the NWCSS orphanage and she and her family were severely effected by the earthquakes of 2015. She started the 3-year PCL Computer Science course in 2020.

We know Nisha through the outpatient program of the NWCSS orphanage and she and her family were severely effected by the earthquakes of 2015. She started the 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies in 2023.

We also help two exceptions to the rule; a brother and sister orphaned by the 2015 earthquakes. They are alone in the world. They were allowed to go to a free school, very far from the house where they live. There was no money for a better school, closer to home. This has been funded by 4 Smiling Faces since 2016, so that they too can just be children. 

Brother and sister Ushtav and Ushika have been regular visitors to the SHCOP after-school program for years. They are still in high school. Both are very smart and hard working. Ushtav skipt a class and wants to become a doctor and Ushika has – without a doubt – a bright future too.

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Are you going to take on a major (physical) challenge such as running a marathon, climbing a mountain or a great walk? Then link it to a good cause, such as 4 Smiling Faces. We would love that, and you really help our kids with it. We are happy to think along with you about your collection campaign. Mail us, and we will contact you as soon as possible, and we will talk about it.
#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

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International Women’s Day. Important in Nepal, because girls and women in Nepal are the key to lasting improvements in the country. As long as the position, education and status of girls and women are not fundamentally supported, strengthened and improved, Nepal will not make any progress. You cannot improve the situation in a country if half the population is not taken seriously. Neese girls and women are formidable: powerful, tough, strong, enterprising, loving, caring and, above all, inspiring.
4 Smiling Faces is proud that it has been helping young people – especially girls – in Nepal to realize their full potential for years. And we succeed again and again: thanks to our scholarships, many girls are now pursuing a course or have completed it. They make their own dreams come true. You go girls 💪🏼

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

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Dear Fudoma

(written in March 2024)

I am writing you a public letter because I want you and the world to know that I am extremely proud of you. You are a fantastic young lady who makes her dreams come true, you are independent, and make your own choices. That is exactly what we at 4 Smiling Faces have always wanted for you and all our scholarship recipients. 

At the time, you were our first recipient of our very first scholarship. I received a message from you saying that your live was not going to turn out the way you always hoped that it would. At that moment, you were just 17 years old and had just finished high school. You were supposed to start working and earning a salary as soon as possible. Maybe even go abroad to find work as a made in the UAE. Whatever it was going to be, it was totally not your dream.

You simply had to accept it and make the best of it. The cold hard truth was, that you very hardworking father didn’t earn enough to support you any longer, let alone pay for your further education. Specially knowing that your brother and sister would be finishing high school in the following years.

I was so shocked to hear this because I didn’t know any better than that you wanted to become a nurse. You told me that your father would love to make your dream of becoming a nurse come true, but that he simply couldn’t afford to make it happen. That is the sad truth for many young people in Nepal that don’t have the financial means and/or safety net necessary.  

My brain immediately went into overdrive, because I knew one thing for sure: this couldn’t happen if you didn’t want it to. I have known you since your 8th birthday as a helpful, socially committed, friendly, beautiful, smart, and hardworking young lady with a clear goal in life: since the death of your mother, you wanted to become a nurse and help other people. The idea that you were forced to go on a different path just didn’t sit well with me.

The solution came to me totally out of the blue: earlier that morning, I had just received my holiday pay, and that was it. With that money, I could pay for the first year of your higher education, and you didn’t have to get a job. That year, I would start raising funds like crazy to pay for the rest of your education. And so it happened.

But everything always turns out differently, and so did this whole thing. Because during that year, it turned out that there were more girls like you. They also wanted to continue their education but had no means or safety net to fall back on. So, we at 4 Smiling Faces quickly set up our professional fundraising system so that we could help anyone who needed it with a scholarship. But you are and always will be the first recipient, and that makes you special.

Thanks to our scholarship, you were given the opportunity to pursue your passion, and you grabbed it with both hands. Now you are successfully working as a nurse, earning your own income, and making your own choices. You live your life the way you want. You can be very proud of that!

I am also deeply impressed by the fact that you not only achieved your own dream but also offered a helping hand to your father, who worked hard all his life for you, your sister, and your brother. It is a wonderful example of gratitude and love to now be able to give something back to the one who has always cared for and supported you. Paying it forward.❤️💪🏼

4 Smiling Faces is very proud of you because you are proof that what we want to do with our scholarship program is realistic and gets results. You prove that it works, and we are very happy with that because it allows us to help more young people like you in this way. We think this is the only way to definitively break the cycle of poverty and despair.

It is admirable how you have shown determination and perseverance to achieve your goal. Not only have you successfully completed your studies, but you have also had the courage to enter the world of healthcare and help others in times of need. You have chosen a valuable profession that is of great importance in society.

I hope you go to work every day with pride and satisfaction, knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of others. It’s wonderful to see how you’ve turned your passion into a career where you can mean so much to patients, colleagues, family, friends and the community as a whole.

Now that you earn your own income and can make your own choices, many challenges and opportunities will undoubtedly come your way. Stay true to yourself, keep learning and growing, and keep striving for the best for yourself and the people around you.

I believe you have a bright future and will touch many life’s with your care, empathy, and dedication. Continue to follow your passion and never be afraid to dream, because you have proven that dreams can become reality.

I wish you incredible success with everything you do and will do. Enjoy every moment with your family, friends, at work and in life in general.

Lots of love,


PS Thank you for being my bodyguard all through the years. 💪🏼😉

Fudoma’s response

“Dear Tjitske and 4 Smiling Faces family,
Thank you so much for helping me out when I really needed it. 
I am forever grateful for your enormously generous support and continued friendship. 😇❤️”

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It’s 4 Smiling Faces’ birthday today: 15 years young and full of plans. It started with a trip by our founder to Nepal: she went to see whether the children there were just as fun or perhaps more fun than in the Netherlands. The idea was a one-time trip. That turned out differently. She fell in love with the land and especially the children who live there. At the time, she could never have imagined that anno 2024 she would still be passionately committed to these children. 4 Smiling Faces now supports 150 children in 3 children’s homes and an after-school program in Kathmandu. And it works, because the homes are in better shape, the children are doing well and it is wonderful to see how they grow up into proud, hardworking adults who contribute to a better Nepal. And with your help we will continue!

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

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Leap day

Schrikkeldag. Een extra dag. Een mooie dag om iets extra’s te doen voor mensen die je hulp goed kunnen gebruiken, zoals onze kinderen en jonge mensen in Nepal. Help je mee om hen opweg te helpen naar een kansrijke toekomst en opgroeien tot de zelfstandige, productieve jonge mensen die Nepal heel hard nodig heeft? Dat zou geweldig zijn.

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

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As a charity, 4 Smiling Faces regularly receives large and small donations from unknown donors who wish to remain anonymous. Therefore, here is a public thank you to all anonymous and unknown donors. We are very happy and grateful for your generosity. With your donations, we can offer even more children and young people in Nepal a promising future. They (and we) are extremely grateful to you for that. 🙏🏽

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

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UN International Day of Education. Education is the key to a promising future and growing up to become the independent, productive young people that Nepal desperately needs. That is why we provide scholarships to young people who have to leave the homes where they grew up and are completely alone.

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

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In the context of ‘every little bit helps’, our founder’s private car will now advertise 4 Smiling Faces. Nice.

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Old & New

Voor iedereen het allerbeste voor 2024. Laten we het veel beter, mooier, fijner, vriendelijker maken. Onze wens voor iedereen is geluk, gezondheid, verbinding, blijdschap en positiviteit.

Wij hopen dat jullie allen ons werk voor de kinderen in Nepal blijven steunen.


#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

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Winter clothes


29 december 2023

What is the problem?

Winters in Kathmandu are cold and the houses are not heated. Warm clothing is therefore vital. In the Lotus Family, clothes are passed on to the younger family members, but that shouldn’t and can’t always be the case. Moreover, the youngest/little ones cannot always walk around in pass-throughs. There is no money for new clothes.

What is the solution?

We finance warm new clothes for everyone.

Wat is the result?

Everybody has new warm winter clothes. Everybody happy. Smiling faces al arround.

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Beautifull Christmas for everyone. May the light be with you all and shine over your. Will you make Christmas even better for our children in Nepal?

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun

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15 december 2023

What is the problem?

The geyser is broken and so the shower water is cold. Normally no fun, but unacceptable in winter.

What is the solution?

Purchase and installation of a new geyser.

What is the result?

Everyone can take a hot shower again.

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Human Rights Day and World Light Day on the same day. Especially this year – with all the horrors happening in today’s world – a very important day to take a moment to reflect.
Let’s stay together. Let’s stay inclusive. Let’s remain tolerant. Let’s stick together. Let’s keep listening. Let’s keep talking. Let’s not be silent.
Above all, DO NOT remain silent. Especially DO NOT shout. Especially DO NOT swear. Above all, DO NOT exclude anyone. Above all, DO NOT divide.
Only together can we move forward

#4SmilingFaces #Nepal #Children #GivingIsFun