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Missed calls

A typical Nepali habit: missed calls. Everyone in this country has a mobile phone, even if they cannot afford one. That does not mean you cannot use your phone. In those cases you ‘missed-call’ someone.

Missed call works really simple: A calls B and hangs up immediately. B then receives a “missed call” message and A does not have to pay a thing. Easy!

The difficulty is the interpretation. When you get a missed call from someone who likes you, receiving one is a positive thing. Receiving a missed call from someone that doesn’t like you is a negative thing. So it’s important to know what the person sending you the missed call feels about you.

But how does it work when you don’t know what the other person is feeling for you? Then you get a series of missed calls. Or if someone very quickly ‘missed calls’ you back that is a good sign.

I find it all quite complicated. It was very nice though to receive al lot of missed calls from some of the DRC kids.