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Art of ignoring

Except for waiting there is another art you need to master traveling to a country like Nepal and that is the art of ignoring. This is a beautiful country, but also terrible. This is a clean country, but also very dirty. It smells good and it stinks. In short, Nepal is a country of contrasts.

To have a good time out here, you really need to ignore certain things or at least not judge with you western standards. A small selection of the category ‘I have not just seen, heard or smelled that’: Many cars drive on diesel with heavy black exhaust fumes; it is pretty common to spat freely and loosely; not everyone has the opportunity to wash or shower daily; the uncooled meat lying in the sun and the dust for hours on end; dust, dust and more dust.

And I almost forget that many – fortunately less and less – people still haven’t found the way to the dustbin. Or the malodorous smelling undefined substance in the vast deep and wide gutters along the streets.

Those afflicted whit the fear of contamination should think twice about coming over here. For the rest it’s recommend that you stay in a guesthouse with good shower. There are plenty good ones.

For me, my physical shortcomings are a blessing here: Without glasses I cannot see much, so I don’t always wear them… I am deaf in one ear and so I don’t hear half of the stuff happening around me. Lucky me!