2017 SHCOP Santa
2017 NWCSS Susmita
2017 HOPE holy
2017 DRC Sangita
2017 SHCOP Passang
2017 NWCSS Sristy
2017 DRC Tjitske Indira
2017 SHCOP eten
2017 SHCOP Devika
2017 NWCSS Sapana
2017 DRC Rubisha
2015 HOPE Tjitske Ashmita
2017 SHCOP Monica Sachina
2017 NWCSS Sapana
2017 HOPE Abhi Dawa
2017 DRC Ladiki

Lotus Family Foundation Nepal

Till 2019 the Lotus Family Foundation Nepal was known and active as the Hope Foundation Nepal.

The Lotus Family Foundation Nepal  is a home for max 14 children: (half)orphans, former streetchildren and foundlings with a special focus on children that used to snif glee which makes them ultra vunerable. The home is located close to Boudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal.

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