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2017 DRC Tjitske Indira
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2017 NWCSS Sapana
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2017 DRC Ladiki


The 4 Smiling Faces Foundation made a book together with the children we work for. The children’s homes can use some resources. In order to realise that, we make this book. The PODIUM is theirs: they draw and/or write about who they are, what moves them, what makes them happy, their hopes, dreams, plans, wishes, idols, ideas and other things on their mind. They can say whatever they want.

The book is supported by beautiful PHOTOS by Ronnie Dankelman and Diana Putters (,

QUOTES of child care staff, our highly appreciated volunteers in Nepal and many FACTS about country and its people.

Will you help us? The children find it incredibly COOL that their work is published in a real book! And you are helping 4 SMILING FACES and thus the children so much further.


It is a 100-page full colour book and meets the highest durability requirements: climate neutral print, FSC paper and cardboard and the use of high quality vegetable inks.


The book costs 20 euros, including VAT and excluding shipping costs. Twelve euros per book go to the foundation and thus the children, because they come first. (Please note that transferring money to a foreign country can cost money; these costs are for you to pay.)


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