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Lotus Family Foundation Nepal


Till 2019 the Lotus Family Foundation Nepal was known and active as the Hope Foundation Nepal.

The Lotus Family Foundation Nepal is officially registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Nepal under number 335. The Lotus Family Foundation Nepal is a:

  • non profit and charitable social welfare organisation
  • non governmental organisation
  • with a special focus on orphans and abandoned children who have issue’s with drugs and  (glue) sniffing.

The Lotus Family Foundation Nepal is currently home to 12 orphans, former street children and

foundlings and is run by Iman and Bini Lama, who live on the premises as well. The home is run as one big happy family.

The recent earthquakes have not damaged the building of the Lotus Family Foundation Nepal, which is a sturdy build by a German man. But that doesn’t mean de foundation can do without help. It can only do its great work with the help of outsiders. From now on 4 Smiling Faces is one of them.