Traffic in Nepal is a permanent near-death experience:

  • The roads are bad: there are no street lights, there are many holes and other obstacles in/on/near the roads
  • Many road are no more than a track, even though in the city that is changing fast
  • Many road users walk, drive without any lights
  • There are no zebra crossings or other save places to cross a road
  • There are no road lanes; everything runs together
  • The gutters along the streets are sometimes 20/30 centimetres deep
  • There are so many different road users: cars, buses, trucks, rickshaws, carts, horse and carts, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, walkers, animals
  • The sacred cow walks freely through it all and goes everywhere it wants to go and even sleeps in the middle of a busy road ….
  • And a Nepali only changes his traffic habits for a cow ….

Kathmandu is a city that dates back to the Middle Ages and certainly wasn’t built for cars. Nevertheless there are many, many cars and all kinds of vehicles around causing a lousy air quality and absolutely chaotic and dangerous traffic. One wonders why you don’t see a major accident happening every few minutes. In recent years many roads have been widened. In order to do so whole rows of houses have been broken down and/or moved.

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