When you walk the streets of Nepal you see people of all shapes, sizes, ages, beliefs:

  • Nepalese
  • Buddhist monks
  • Tourists from all corners of the world
  • Tibetans
  • Traders with all imaginable goodies
  • Dodgy traders who try to sell overpriced tiger balm and counterfeit coins to tourists
  • Taxi touts
  • Sadhu’s (holy men)


  • Cows
  • Calves and heifers
  • Bulls
  • Buffalo
  • Chickens
  • Not always friendly stray dogs
  • Goats
  • A single monkey
  • Very occasionally a cat

A road surface with holes in all shapes and sizes:

  • Mud
  • Garbage
  • Cars
  • Cabs
  • Blue minivans
  • All types of minibuses that usually have too many people on board
  • All kinds of trucks, usually with too much cargo
  • Hand carts with all kinds of goodies
  • All types of bikes, usually with too much cargo
  • All types of vehicles with wheels
  • School buses with and without children
  • Motorcycles and scooters with 1 to 5 people on board with only the driver wearing a helmet
  • Rickshaws
  • TookTooks
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