For years, Nepal and particularly the Kathmandu Valley is effected by frequent and lengthy power cuts. You would think that power supply shouldn’t be a problem in a country with the most and the highest mountains in the world. Plenty of places to build hydropower plants, you might say.

But it’s a bit more complicated than that. As often is the case the problems with the power supply are primarily the result of political and economic affairs and interests. Meanwhile the population improvises to keep their lives, businesses and the city running without power.

To keep life going sort of smoothly with that much power cuts there is a schedule, which indicates per day and per area when there is power. These days there is even an app for that, but to use that you do need a charged phone and enough money for a prepaid simcard. (They don’t do subscriptions here.)

However, there is a problem with the power schedule. Many times the schedule is changed without prior notice. Best way to deal with that is to assume that there is no power. If there is than that’s a bonus. As a spoiled westerner you really need to think about where and when you charge your phone,  laptop and or tablet. And despite all that planning you cannot escape it: sooner or later you will have empty batteries…it happens to all of us. But that has it charm occasionally…

Incidentally, the power cuts are a human problem. Because during the exam period there suddenly is power in the entire city from 06:00 to 24:00. And when exams are don the power cuts in full force…rarara…

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