2011 Image

Video’s and slide series of 2011. The newest images are top of page.

DRC winter coates

NWCSS winter coates

DRC goodbye party

Time to go

NWCSS matrasses

DRC NWCSS partying together

For the first time in four years there is one communal party for the children form the NWCSS Orphanage and the DRC Nepal (a home for children with a physical disability) @ the House of the Aryal family.

NEPAL reverence

Around Boudhanath Stupa there are several monasteries. Visitors are welcome in most of them, even during services. Always a special and zen like experience.

NEPAL Nagarkot

Hard to believe that such a beautiful and clean place exists so close to Kathmandu, that is not known for being the cleanest, freshest city there is…Nagarkot is a real piece of heaven on earth, and its a bit closer to heaven as well…

KTM Dashain traffic

The Dashian festival is traditionally a time for family visits. As it is for us. Onwards we go to Asha’s parents. On the way there it is very busy because everybody is traveling to see family.

NEPAL arrival

It takes flying more than 6000 km, a lot of waiting and here and there a bit of chaos, but than you are in Kathmandu. Always nice to arrive here.

NWCSS playground in use

DRC kitchen in use

NWCSS building the playground

DRC kitchen renovation

NEPAL Bhaktaphur

The other old capital city of Nepal

NEPAL Kathmandu

En route through age old Kathmandu where old and new live with, alongside and mixed together…

NEPAL Changu Narayan tempel

One of many beautiful temples in KTM…

INDIA Taj Mahal

The white marble monument of love…

INDIA Jaipur

The pink city

INDIA Varanassi

One of the most emblematic places on earth…

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