2008 Image

2008 Image

Video’s and slide series of 2008. The newest images are top of page.

DRC winter clothes

DRC solar energy

INDIA round the north

A round trip through India’s nothern regions, a country with so many faces.

INDIA Mcleod Ganji

Unbelievable to be in McLeod’s Ganj/Dharmsala, very near to the home away from home of the Dalai Lama, one of the world’s most remarkable people. 

INDIA Amritsar

Images from Amritsar.

DRC bye bye

Leaving with a party

DRC eating

Eating in the DRC Nepal.

DRC playing

This is how the kids in de DRC play.

DRC Gerdo & Tessa

Gerdo & Tessa visit the DRC Nepal and do so much good.

DRC accommodation

This is how the DRC looks in 2008.

DRC improvements

NEPAL Pokara

A few days of fresh air in Pokhara, on the waterfront of the beautiful Fewa Lake. Nice and relaxing and mega fun to be with a whole bunch of friends.

NEPAL Chitwan

All of us are enjoying a few days in Chitwan, the Nepali jungle that looks a bit different from you’d think….

NEPAL Kathmandu

Driving in a car (taxi, bus or so) through KTM gives you a special inside in the city. Especially if you go of the beaten track, what happens automatically if you go to  Jorpati …

NEPAL Jorpati

This is Jorpati and surrounding area, my home base in Nepal. The Lonely Planet calls it Kathamdu’s ugly suburb. Sounds worth than it is, but it’s definitely of the beaten track…

CHINA Bo’ai daycare

Where the hell is Matt?

And this why traveling is so much fun…

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