wij bieden kinderen een kansrijke toekomst

2014 Image

Video’s and slide series of 2014. The newest images are top of page.

DRC toekan


DRC balls

Girls with balls

DRC Tjoti

The world according to baby Tjoti

NEPAL traffic

Due to it being extremely busy it takes Sabina and myself a while to find a cab to bring us home.

DRC children’s day performance

After returning from Nargakot I visited the school attended by many DRC children to end up witnessing the Children’s day performance by the teachers

DRC education & training

NAGARKOT jamsession

Thanks to the low clouds and fog we couldn’t enjoy the normally breathtaking views in Nagarkot. But, we didn’t let that stop us: it’s always time for life music. Yam session with the men from the Hotel @ the End of the Universe. Ramo!

DRC excersise/study room in use

NEPAL monsoon

That is one real monsoon rainstorm

DRC inauguration excersise/study room

NEPAL wikes

Asha makes wikes

DRC building excersise/study room

YOUTUBE pianist

Can this man please always be at the airport when I am there?

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