Festivals & Gods

Festivals & Gods

Ninety percent of Nepal’s population is Hindu. No wonder that this religion is present everywhere in Nepal and its people. One of the characteristic aspects of the Hindu faith as practiced in Nepal are the many religious festivals.

There are a couple of big festivals, which totally influence and change public life for a period of time and there are countless smaller festivals, with or without a local or regional impact. There are festivals in honour of the various appearances of God (and there are many in Hinduism) and festivals honouring the seasons, harvest, relationships (siblings, fathers and mothers, etc.) and many more. It is up to each individual person to decide if he or she participates in the festivities of a particular festival or not. This is generally determined by family traditions.

The two biggest and most famous Hindu festivals celebrated in Nepal are Dashain and Tihar, which take place in October shortly after one another. But there are so many more. Dashain and Tihar are celebrated by everyone. Beyond those it is up to the individual to participate in which festival. That is usually determined by (family)tradition, region, prosperity and so on. To each its own.

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