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There are many different stories about the Ohm symbol. Ohm was the first sound of creation, the breath that comes with the word. The Ohm symbol would also represent a sacred syllable of Hinduism and Buddhism and especially prayers.

The Ohm symbol stands for eternity, infinity and the universe. This symbol is seen as the origin for all prayers and mantras.

Also there are several different explanations for the holy symbol Ohm. The most obvious is that three represents the god of creation, the O would stand for silence and the unity of the gods.

The Ohm sound is widely used in meditation, constant repetition leads to a deep meditation. The mantra that is most used is the Ohm Mani Padme Hum. Ohm covers the essentials of body, speech and mind. It can also be translated as the essence of the enlightened form. Mani means jewel, which consisting concepts of love and compassion. Padme is the lotus flower, the flower of wisdom and understanding, the flower that blooms on the water and shows all the things as they are. Hum represents the spirit of the Enlightenment, with the effect of purifying and stabilising the mind.

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