Work done
December 2020

What is the problem?
An outdated and no longer optimally functioning drinking water filter system: Drinking water in Nepal is not as self-evident as it is in our part of the world. Not all homes are connected to the main system. And even if your home is connected, the service is not guaranteed. This applies to both the continuity of the water supply as well as the quality of the water supplied. Additional filter systems at the users’ end are a necessity, not a luxury; they prevent a spectrum of several serious illnesses.

That is why in 2015 we made it possible for the Lotus Family (than still called the Hope Foundation) to install an anti-iron water filter. In 2017 that system was upgrade to a complete drinking water system.

What is the solution?
Anno 2020 the system needs to be completely updated, because it is intensively used; specially during this Corona-year with everyone stuck at home all the time.

This is what needs to be done:  The whole system has to be updated with upgraded parts and materials which will supply more and cleaner drinking water. The water quality will be much better after this operation and suitable for washing cleaning and cooking.
The work will be done after an inspection points out what needs to be done.

What is the result?
The result is that the Lotus Family will have access to clean water for eating, drinking, washing and cleaning for the coming years.

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