2017 SHCOP Paddling pool

2017 SHCOP Paddling pool

Work done
March/April 2017

What is the problem?
In a distant past a deep hole has been dug in the garden and paved with tiles to make a kind of mini swimming pool. It hardly ever has been used as such and is much more a water reservoir  At the moment because of it, it is unsafe for the kids to play in the garden. Their outside play area is constricted to the first floor terras. 

What is the solution?
The solution is to to change the swimming pool/water resevoir in to a shallow and above all safe paddling pool so the kids can play safely in the garden.

What is the result?
A beautiful, safe and for Nepal very special play area for the kids on the ground floor. Specially in summer when it is very hot in Nepal the padding pool will provide a lot of fun and games for children who rally need and deserve just that.

These are the images of the paddling pool being build

In summer it can get very hot in Kathmandu so the paddling pool is being used and enjoyed fully

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