2017 SHCOP Refridgerator

2017 SHCOP Refridgerator

Work done
June 2017

What is the problem?
The SHCOP doesn’t have its own refrigerator. The after school program for 26 children uses the private refrigerator of the family that is living on the upper floors of the house. However, besides from this being very inconvenient, it is also not big enough. Especially not in summer, when in Nepal it can get very hot (25 Celsius or more). This is especially a problem this year, because it is extra hot extra early in the year.

What is the solution?
The solution is to purchase their own large refrigerator that is exclusive for the after school program. It will be placed on the ground floor.

What is the result?
The after school program has its own large refrigerator and no longer needs to use the family one on the first floor. Good news for both parties. And the children now can have cold drinks at all times and that’s no unnecessary luxury in a country where it’s 25 degrees Celsius half the year. Everybody happy.

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