2017 HOPE Drinking waterfilter...

2017 HOPE Drinking waterfilter

Work done
June 2017

What is the problem?
Having good clean drinking water is not self-evident in Nepal. At the very least, delivery is irregular and the quality also leaves much to be desired. For example, the Giardia parasite exists in the Kathmandu drinking water, which makes many people ill. Since the earthquakes of 2015, they are working hard on completing a a modern drinking water system, but completion will take 4 to 5 years.

Like foreigners, many Nepalese therefore have to resort to drinking bottled water. That is a huge expense, which they can’t really afford. In addition, it has a detrimental effect on the environment: the many bottles mean a lot more waste and the many lorries that supply bottled drinking water contribute to the poor air quality.

At this moment, the Hope Foundation uses those big blue bottles. That is costly and impractical: they prefer to spend the money on the children. Impractical because you have to deal with the heavy bottles.

What is the solution?
The solution is to install a high-quality water filter machine that filters the water straight from the tap before use.

What is the result?
The result is always clean and healthy drinking water, no heavy carrying and saving costs.

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