2016 SHCOP Drinkwater filter

2016 SHCOP Drinkwater filter

Work done

November 2016

What is the problem?

The Second Home Child Outreach Program is run form the house of the Aryal family, who have been our trusted volunteers from the start in 2008. The program caters to 25+ underprivileged kids from the surrounding neighbourhood in Jorpati, a suburb of Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu.

The Aryal residence has a groundwater well in addition to a connection to the government water supply. The latter is always sketchy and unreliable, especially during the dry season. That is why there is a groundwater well: it supplies water that can be used for non-food activities like washing clothes, shower and toilets.

The well at the residence is only 23 feet deep and runs completely dry in the dry season. That is a direct consequence of the earthquakes and the still continuing aftershocks: many sources have completely dried out. Together with the at best sketchy water delivery from the government, there is a real water problem, because not only is the delivery unreliable, the water quality is horrible. It is full of iron and all kinds of things that should be in there.

This is a problem for anyone, but especially in a residence that provides after school care to 25+ underprivileged kids 6 days a week.

What is the solution?

The solution is to install a double water filtration installation. It is probably an illusion to think that the water will be up to drink water standards, but it will be way, way better than now. The double filtration system will get the water up to a usable standard when it is cooked. That is why we also donated money for bottled drink water.

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